Hour of Power

February 24, 2018

I started prophetic intercession in a territorial tongue (Native American sounding) that shifted to an angelic tongue (you can tell because angels do not have to take a breath to speak, so you end up running out of breath and restarting after you inhale--and they sound very different from human speech).  The prophecy is as follows:

[Setting the scene:  a small desert hill covered in vultures, as I approached the vultures rose up and soared above and and around me on the hill top]

spoken: Prophesy to the Wind

sung: {Blow wind of the Spirit blow, blow...

clear wind of the Spirit blow, blow...

fly low, Holy Spirit, fly low...

from the realm of the glory You fly to me

Holy Spirit, reveal to me what You see.}

[Raven caws...]

spoken:  I see life rising up on the earth before that great season of death that is coming upon the earth.  That life will arise in the body of Christ first and will spread across the earth in joyous praise to the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  Jesus reigns over the earth and the heavens says the Lord. The King reigns and He establishes His reign in righteousness and peace says the Lord.  The King of king and the Lord of glory they are the One, the Son, the Word that's been here before the world begun. 

The Word will come forth from the sons of light, in that glory realm they will fight from the position high above the sky, higher than an eagle can fly.

[Raven caws...]

They will submit to the word of Your grace and Your light will be upon their face.  They will go forth and reign as kings, they will speak to rulers and presidents and senators and such things.  

They will speak to principalities and powers, they will tell them to step aside for this hour.  For this hour has begun, my son.  This hour of grace and this hour of power.  The power of God will be revealed in a new way upon the earth, this day, this is what I had to say. That this day is the new day in My grace.  Today is that day. 

[Personal prophecies from Father to me followed. ]

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