Grace Disciplines

April 20, 2018

A true athlete will be disciplined in every respect, practicing constant self-control in order to win a laurel wreath that quickly withers. But we run our race to win a victor’s crown that will last forever. For that reason, I don’t run just for exercise or box like one throwing aimless punches, but I train like a champion athlete. I subdue my body and get it under my control, so that after preaching the good news to others I myself won’t be disqualified.

1 Corinthians 9:25-27


I have a word bubbling up that I want to release to you right now. It is in line with the last word I had regarding operating in a "flow state" or "in the zone" as described in athletics.  One of the aspects of seeing athletes functioning on this level is the tremendous discipline that they put themselves through to perform. Their training is so intense and repetitive that it equips them to perform with out thinking everything through because there is no time during the competition to prepare.   I really admire this aspect of athletics, particularly my favorite are mixed martial arts and strongman, but they apply to others.  In light of this revelation I received this word on Grace Disciplines.  I trust the Holy Spirit to help me impart it to you. 


 I've been pressing in these last several years, more than ever in my life. It has been bearing fruit, and I trust as I continue in these grace disciplines, they will bear much fruit. Amen!  Here is a quick list that will help open you up and release the glory that is within you for the benefit of all:


Get into the Word--read the word of God, hear the word of God, confess the word of God, meditate the word of God.  Soak yourselves in the Word by the Spirit of God! Read the word in the Spirit--I've just got into this one, it is awesome! As Holy Spirit gives me scriptures to meditate on, I take them and read them silently as I "read" them out loud in the spirit (in other tongues).  The spirit-life of the word is quickened and I believe that the connection between the spirit and the mind is opened up , for a more effective release of the spirit.  


Listen to good teaching--hearing the word of His grace preached or taught under the anointing in faith will open you up to the spirit-life of the word. Get some variety.  What I find helps is to hear from ministers in every five-fold office:  Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers.  Each of these five-fold giftings will bring a fresh perspective to the word to build you up and bring you into fullness. 


Pray without ceasing--as you yield to Holy Spirit this aspect manifests more and more, your life becomes a prayer! You are always in open communication with God!  As things come up, you immediately pray, then it is done! You pray in the spirit and you pray with understanding. You intercede for others as you agree in prayer with Jesus' ongoing intercession for the saints.  You are praying prayers of thanksgiving until there is a complete shift into a continuous heart of thanks that you carry always. You rely totally on God for your supply, so prayers of supplication flow from you before you lift a finger to improve your situation in your own strength--let go and let God work through you!


Praise and Worship--enter into to complete immersion in praise and worship of God by the Spirit.  As you do, the realm of the glory will open up to you and in the glory you will be changed.  Your mind will be renewed and your body will be quickened.  As God's goodness is revealed before you, it will help to align you to Kingdom order.  The love of God will flow in and through you and your understanding of intimacy with God will skyrocket through actually experiencing Him and His tangible presence--He is soooooo... good!


Fellowship with Believers--find some brothers and sisters of grace and faith and go through your journey in partnership with them!  There are so many opportunities to fellowship with like minded believers--take them.  It takes effort, but it pays off.  As you are going through the struggles of life, you can lift each other up in faith and overcome every trial and tribulation with joy and peace!  Share your love! Practice grace! Practice faith! Minister to one another in the love of Christ. 


Tongues--I already covered this in the prayer section, but it is so important I have to emphasize some other aspects of this amazing gift.  Worship and sing a new song in the spirit these will bubble up from your heart! Yield to deep intercession in the spirit, it takes time, completely yield to Holy Spirit to use you to pray through on the earth! He needs a person on the earth to speak these things (prophesy in the spirit) in order for breakthroughs to happen globally for the body of Christ. 


Prophesy--yield your voice to the Spirit and speak the proceeding word of God!  He always announces His plans before they happen through His prophets. This can happen directly in your own language or as an interpretation of a tongue.  Practice this in your own prayer time.  Then practice it with your brethren.  Then practice it in corporate meeting, always as you are led by the Holy Spirit.


Rest--practice resting in Christ.  Knowing your identity in Him will set you free to live His abundant life!  It is finished! We are complete in Him! There is an ease in the glory. 


Minister--minister the manifold grace of God as you are called.  Your  calling and gifting will be revealed to you as you press in to God.  Yield to it with the help of Holy Spirit and He will open opportunities for you to live out this calling and gifting through good works that He prepared in advance for you to walk in.  Step out of the boat and walk on water, for His glory and praise!


Receive Impartation--time is short people! In order for acceleration to happen in the body of Christ, the Holy Spirit has made the provision for impartation from one believer to another.  This can be through listening/sitting under ministry or preaching and it can also be by the laying on of hands.  Seek the Lord on this and He will lead you to spiritual fathers and mothers that can impart a spiritual gift that will equip, empower, and accelerate you in your gifting and calling.  God is so amazing!


Fasting--going without food for a set period of time while simultaneously pressing in to the Kingdom with added intensity helps to get your spirit, soul, and body into the proper order of ascendancy.  As the body intensely desires food, it informs the soul and deep cravings occur.  As the spirit says "no, soul and body, we are going to not eat but just focus on God today" the spirit establishes its dominance in your being.  This is critical in your walk, because in the grace life you are going to encounter contrary data or facts that do not agree with what the word says, such as sickness, pain, lack, confusion, discouragement... As these things pop up, you don't just pretend they are not there, but you counter them with truth from the word of God.  With your spirit established in control of your being, your soul and body simply come into agreement with the truth.  As they do, all hindrances in your being are removed for the release of the Spirit-Life of the word by faith to transform your situation.  You are strengthened in faith as you get the victory in healing, provision, understanding, and encouragement...and you continue walking in the Spirit from faith to faith.  Glory!!!





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