May 13, 2018

On the night of Saturday, May 12, I had just left a session showing the heavenly wonders to a group in Sedona.  I was already drunk in the Spirit and this word came forth as I drove back home. 


[Angelic tongues preceding] Father, I ask for the interpretation in the name of Jesus.  Thank You Lord.


The light of the heavens breaks forth as the King of Glory comes in. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! [A few more spirit words come forth, as I get hit with power] I spun the galaxies my son, you’ve seen them, you've seen them in the realm of space hovering before you, their arms dancing with lights, the fires of a billion suns light their night. [Shhh… (the sounds of the galactic winds)] The sounds of the galaxies are heard.  They echo through the eons, through the realm of space, and into the third heaven.  And we hear them here, we hear them sing. They sing along with the heavenly host: “ Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, the creator of all things, it’s by His will that they were created and that they are upheld by the word of His power.” [Spirit word spoken] My fire is my light, I extend that light to you my son.  You are filled with light, you shine with my glory. My shekinah glory abides in you and upon you forever.


[Sing in the spirit] {then the new song manifests}:  Light be…the glory of God in me, shines perfectly for all to see, the glory shines from my face to the whole human race. Shekinah glory glows from me, it has set me free. And those that believe, are free with me.


[Shhh… (galactic wind blows) ] The heavenly wind blows my son it’s blowing up a firestorm of my love that is sweeping over the earth right now.  You see it manifesting in the fires in the midst of the sea in that spot where the fire comes out of the earth and the whole of the ocean cannot quench the fiery love that I have for all mankind. 


{The new song comes forth}:  The love that I displayed, when I freely gave, all that I am and all that I have. I laid it down in the place—in that Golgotha place, on that hill, when the darkness fell, I said LORD Father not my will, but your will be done.  Your will be done. We’ve decided before the world begun. 


[Sha... Shhh... sha... (heavenly wind blows)]  {Prophecy comes forth}:   It begins in the natural and follows in the spirit. The fire bombs of my love fly forth and people will hear it.  They will hear where it catches fire. They will hear the sound of the heavenly choir.  That choir will sing the new song from above and the saints on the earth will join in, in peace and in perfect love.


[Sing in the spirit] {New song comes forth}:  and I’ve chosen you to lead that choir, I’ve chosen you to carry that fire, I’ve chosen you to lift My praise higher, I’ve chosen you to inspire…

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