The Flow...

May 21, 2018

The prophetic flow manifested in several poems, a new song, and a couple revelatory words.  Enjoy His goodness and His grace!


Saguaro Poem

[Wind whistling through the saguaro spines] A city of saguaros, a strange people they, raising their hands to heaven, full of blossoms of life, their fingers are filled with life as they raise sunward, they endure all of the heat, all of the turmoil on the desert floor, and they raise hands uplifted high to the sky to the King of Glory who brings the rain in its season, that soaks the ground with living waters that bring forth life abundant in the desert place,  I hear them sing and whistle in the wind, they have a song-- it is eerie in its notes, complex in its whistles, their little spines plucking the harp, strumming the guitar, bowing the violin, they sing a new song every time the wind blows, even if there is no one to hear those heavenly notes.


Saguaro 2

Sometimes they are a simple spear, standing straight with no fear, their heads are crowned with stars of light, they open up every fore-summer night, they trust the Lord to bring the help, the messengers from the sky who carry their seed and make it fly, make it fly away to some other place, to some saguaro with no face, some with hands lifted, some standing like a column still, stark, and solemn, they rest in You Lord, and I rest knowing , that as You care for them You care for me and Your grace is always flowing.


There Is No Night

Why do I speak of the plants of the desert and the stars of the night? Why do they interest me? Why do they stir my heart and my mind? I think it’s the light. The light shines on these places and reveals their hidden faces. The desert is stark and lonely, its hot and fiery, it knows much, but says little, as does the sky, the galaxies they tell the truth, they don’t lie, but they speak with a silent tongue, they’ve spoken since the world sprung into being by the word of His power, and they are upheld by that word this very hour. They tell of God’s glory and His grace and just as the desert does, so does the realm of space. They tell of a God who provides, who crowns them with glory, and in whom they abide. They tell of that grace even in a desert place, even in the vacuum of space. God’s grace radiates His life and His light and wherever He is, there is no night.


Desert Proof

By grace through faith they receive, with hands lifted high their joy reaches out to the sky. They stand firm, they do not move. In faith they stand anchored to the rock, His faithfulness they prove. That even as they stand in the desolate place, far away from the help of the human race. They stand on desert mountains isolated from our kind, they stand there boldly with confidence that His light and His grace will shine. He will bring the sun and the rain and the minerals will seep into their roots, and in this glorious column, you have the proof. That God is faithful to the desert shrubs, even to the columnar cacti He extends His grace and His love.


Just Rest in Me

I have a word for you my son.  I have called you; I’ve called you in my Son, before the world had begun.  I’ve called you in Him and through Him you abide.  You rest in me, I will lift up every stride. Everywhere your foot falls I direct, you can lean back into me and rest. I am yours and you are mine, we are in unity and that unity is sublime. I keep you, I uphold you, you don’t have to fret. I have called you and I have captured you in my net, you are captured in my love, don’t you see, that I have you and that I have you completely. So just rest in Me.


Grace Belly

{New Song comes forth} Your grace abounds, it flows from my belly…, in the inner man, I am filled from the heavenly places…, my belly… is a gateway to the realm…, of your glory…, the realm of grace and peace is in my belly…, and I’m at ease…


Fullness of Christ

{Revelatory Word} By opening up to the Spirit-Life of the Word we can access the divine nature.  Our spirit man rises to ascendancy and every born again believer begins to manifest the fullness of Christ.


You Are Good

{Revelatory Word}The Lord just showed me that the main revelation that He wants us to receive from His Word is that God is good. He is perfectly good, selah.  God you are sooooo… good! Through Christ Jesus and the atonement He demonstrates His goodness, His perfect love and grace toward us. But also in the testimony of creation he reveals His love, and His grace, and His goodness. By all of the beautiful forms he has place before us in the rocks, and the skies, and in the living plants, and the living creatures, and in our own bodies, in a baby’s hand— He reveals His goodness.  It is manifold, it is multi-faceted goodness. We are in this giant disco ball of goodness and we look out and see each little facet catching the light [Spirit word spoken] Thank You Lord, YOU ARE GOOD!

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