Desert Crossing Tongues and Interpretations

September 17, 2018

Here is a series of interpretations of tongues, which were mostly new songs that poured forth as I was crossing the desert heading to the Mountaintop Encounter up in Big Bear Lake, California on September 17, 2018.  As I have time I will transcribe more audio files and post them on the blog.  Enjoy!





It’s Done [interpretation of a tongue—a new song]

It begins today; it begins in an ordinary sort of way.  You speak what I’ve shown you, what I’ve told you, what you see.  But in those words that kernel of faith is released.  It’s released amongst those who hear, it’s released both far and near.  Many will hear of the whispers that I whisper in your ear.  They will hear of that realm, and in the hearing, faith will impart, the Spirit of Life in Christ will flood every hearing heart.  They will flood with the glory, the glory of my risen Son, from the realm of the throne room, you will kneel, you will fall—it’s done.


One [interpretation of a tongue—a new song]

It’s almost there, the threshold awaits, it’s almost there, step over it when it appears my son, step over it in my grace, the victory is won, step over into the land of plenty, into the land where abundance flows, I’ve stored it up for you, like I’ve stored up the treasuries of snow.  The treasuries of hail held back for that day will not fall on the earth ‘til your mission is through.  Your mission to set the captives free has been given to you.  Open up my grace, my face will shine on you, in all that you do.  In the realm of the glory you abide, your beloved wife by your side.  In each other’s arms you hide.  In My arms you both abide, one spirit, one spirit— one.


Rainbows of Light [interpretation of a tongue—a new song]

Keep walking, keep drinking, I’m with you, I’m with you in this realm.  Keep feeding, keep eating,  keep feeding on my word.  Keep drinking the new wine of the Spirit, that new wine fills you, it fills you up, it fills you up, it overflows in rainbows of light.


Keys [interpretation of a tongue]

A weight is upon you my son.  Wait for me in the secret place where my weighty presence weighs down on you.  The amount of my presence is more than you can stand.  You lie down in my presence under my weighty glory and you are changed.  In that realm of my weight, my weight is transferred to you.  And so my weight is carried in everything that you do.  Everything that you touch from that realm comes into this realm and changes, changes hearts, changes minds, changes band widths in understanding.  They switch from hearing in this carnal realm to hearing in the realm of the Spirit.  I always am broadcasting in the Spirit my son.  And that realm is open for all of my children to partake of the fullness of the revelation of the mysteries of God that I’ve revealed to you and to all of my children through the Lord Jesus Christ, My Son.

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