The Flow...Prophetic Release

May 21, 2019

There was a varied prophetic release on May 21, 2019.  Let the rivers flow!





The wheel within the wheel, see My son.  They spin around and around, they complete their revolutions, their turns unbound.  In the spirit they move, not turning when they go.  They move fast, they do not move slow.  They accomplish what I’ve sent them to do.  And they accomplish that work in and through you.


Lightning Stroke (tongue and interpretation)

Get thee out of that country that you are in son, the dusty country you leave behind.  And I lift you up into well-watered canyons and valleys, where abundance flows, where abundance of souls are there for harvest.  Where the souls fly in, where the souls drive in, where the souls walk in.  They come from miles around to my place in the rocks, the place where I’ve set aside for you to rule and reign as a king on the earth.  From that place you will go forth and do great exploits in the nations.  But it will start there, it will seem small at first, but when it hits it will be like a lightning stroke.


My Cover (a new song)

Rose of Sharon, You smell so sweet

Your fragrance lingers, in Your glory realm

The cloud of Your glory is sublime, it rests upon me all the time

Your light, your glory, your rainbow of color

Shines above me, in me, it is my cover


See Your Inheritance {partially garbled by wind noise, but you can still get the gist of it}

Gold, gold, you see gold before you on the east, and on the north, and the west, and the south.  Turn around and take it in My son.  Every color…[wind noise]…take it in son…[wind noise]…take in the gold on the mountains round about you. See, see My wealth.  See your inheritance—GO!


Abundance of Grace (a new song)

Grace flows to you from every of place

You see it here, you see abundance of grace

You feel it on your skin, your body, even within

Your heart, your mind, there’s peace unspeakable and full of glory

full of joy, abundance of life, ultimate life, eternal life, your bride



Acceleration breaks forth for you My son. Everything in life is accelerating.  Remember the word I told you by the four rivers that flow from your belly:  (song) Increase is bursting forth, bring fruitfulness in every area of life, rapidly, Rapidly, RAPIDLY…


Rivers (a new song)

See the rivers of life…

They flow around about your new home…

The Verde River, Oak Creek, Dry Beaver and Wet Beaver meet…


The New

All things are new My son, get the picture.  Everything in your life is about to change.  Embrace it, embrace the change, embrace the new.  Let go of the old ways, let go of the old things.   They don’t bind you.  You’re free.  You’re free to flow in the new.   To flow in the new wine, to flow in the new love, to flow in the new home; the home that I have for you up in the mountain place, up amongst the rocks, up among the canyons and the valleys says the Lord God.


The Harvest of Asia

Yes My son, you will be invited to Hong Kong.  Wait for that invitation. When it comes you know that I come with you.  I come with you in the realm of the glory to bring that activation that I spoke about to activate your ministry and to activate City Church on another level and to bring in the harvest of Asia.


Show them the Way

Yes My son, you will minister in tongues and interpretation in the group meeting and there will be a fire on it. There will be an anointing on it.  Prophecies will flow too, as they always do.  But tongues and interpretation will be your mainstay and they will rock this world and show them the Way.

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