The Flow...Desert Dam Burst

July 9, 2019

It was awhile since I had been on a hike in the desert due to the summer heat, so on the morning of July 9 there was a dam burst of the prophetic flow.  31 words--3 in 1, enjoy!


 Phoenix Rise

Phoenix rise. They rise out of the ashes, they rise out of the fire.  And you are my phoenix, you will rise out of these ashes as I supply you with My beauty.  And you go into all the world and you take it.  Because the Kingdom suffers violence but the violent ones take it by force.  You are that violent one My son, you are My warrior king.  You go forth and you conquer and you lead and you take ground and you hold ground in My name, My power, by My grace through faith.


Together We are Strong

I always raise up one, that’s My pattern son.  I have raised you up to bring in My end-time troop that will bring in the harvest and this is a big loop.  It will tie up my bride and bring her in and bring her into my side, in close where she belongs-- one spirit, one spirit, together we are strong.


This Realm Sublime (a prophetic reply)

I don’t have a beauty of my own, Lord.  In me and through me Your beauty shines strong.  You are like a quasar inside and the light of the world overwhelms this natural life.  This body, this soul, what are they but dust and vapor, in the presence of the glorious King.  They cannot hinder, they fall by the wayside in the power and the love and in Your grace.  They fall down just like I fall down whenever I see Your face. The weak man falls and the strong man rises. The light of the world shines and those that see it, they are at peace they are in this realm sublime.


I’ve Sent You

The prophetic flow bubbles up, trust it.  You flow in Me.  And through me My words bubble out of your mouth:  words of life, words of peace, words of power, words of sanctification, words of grace, words of  knowing, words of wisdom, words that have not been heard on the earth yet will be spoken from your mouth says the Lord.  I have chosen you as my voice, as my representative.  You go forth as an ambassador of the Kingdom, fully anointed, fully clothed in My grace and My glory.  I’ve called you as My apostle of peace and treasure bearer of the Kingdom of God, you operate as new creation biologist and Kingdom ecologist in Me.  And you are My astronomer royal of heaven.  Believe it son, don’t listen to other voices.  Listen to the voice of the King of Glory, your Father in heaven, your Abba.  Listen to Me and know that I’ve called you, that I’ve equipped you, that I’ve sent you.


Manifest in Glory

I’ve had to take you outside to bring you in, into my presence in a new way, into my dependence, you depend on me now son.  You depend on Me completely, so now you are ready to do those things I have called you to do.  Because they cannot be done in your own strength and you know that now.  You know the frailty of your frame.  But in me your body and your soul will rise in unprecedented strength and vitality.  It will be a sign and wonder to the nations and yes your youth is renewed twenty-one years.  Yes people will say “Dennis, you look like your own son!” People will marvel at what I have done in you, and that’s just the beginning.  Because what I have done in you will manifest in glory what I’ve done through you.


The Throne of God

You cannot stop the flow my son.  Rivers flow.  And you can step in and speak these words anytime that I give them to you because they are continually flowing.  As you are walking in this dry river bed think of it, think of the water filling the banks over your head. Think of that mighty river that could be here if there was a spring head, if there was a fountain to supply it, but in you is my fountain, my spring head, not Gihon, but my spring head from the throne of God.


This Very Hour

Words come forth as you approach my rock.  In me you stand.  You do the works that I have for you son.  They are not going to be out of hand.  They are going to come to your hand my son along with the Kingdom and all of its power.  The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand my son, right now, this very hour. 


Humble Little Man

You’re trapped in my prophetic flow; there is no way to contain it.  These little banks in you are not enough to hold me in son, there is no way you can explain it.  The world will see this humble little man going to and fro.  But in your comings and your goings my glory and my light will show. 


Don’t Edit the Prophetic

Don’t edit the prophetic my son.  Let it flow, let it rip, let those winds blow.  The Spirit blows where it wills and you do not know where it blows or where it comes from or where it goes.  I am in you and you are in me my son and in this union this glory release it has begun.


Stumbling and Bumbling (tongue and interpretation)

Your light, your life it shines, everywhere around me it glistens.  Your grace, Your peace it shows and in that showing, people listen.  People need to see a sign, people need to hear a noise, people need to feel the wind of the Spirit blow, and to feel the ground shake beneath them my son.  They need to hear those voices, those voices since before the world had begun.  Those voices of the sons of God singing in my heavenly choir, those voices of angels and heavenly beings, those voices that are higher than a spire. They crash into the earth and they flow through you. Let them flow my son with impunity, let them flow. Let the doubters doubt.  Let those that have faith hear and see what the Spirit is saying.  Those words that flow from your lips, those stumbling words from the tongue of angels, they sound like mumblings, they sound like tumblings, they sound like a rock falling down steps.  But those are words of life those are words of peace, those are words of release.  Those are words that open doors into that realm of the glory.  They open doors into the realm of My story, My finished work is done; it’s been done before the foundation, before the sons cried out, and before there was any nation.  I’ve chosen you in this time and this place in this earth-time realm in this realm of time and space.  I’ve chosen you, I’ve picked you my son, believe!  Just go out and release what’s in you and you will see the righteousness of God manifested in you through Me.


I Will Train That Tongue

There is so much prophetic that I want to release.  There is so much grace to speak of and your native tongue it’s weak.  It is a weak beggarly tongue of this world.  But I will use that tongue and I will train that tongue with the tongues of heaven, with the tongues of fire, with the tongues of the sons of God.


Atomic Bomb Release

As you approach the island, I have a word on the islands for you.  You will go to them my son.  Your island mission will be renown in all the world.  People will marvel at what you do in My islands of the sea, in My great Pacific basin.  That one I gave you dominion over in a big ring.  You will go inside that ring my son and visit all of my island nations and as you do there will be an exaltation that will manifest in you and through you in all of your ministries.  There will be a light that shines in all of the world for them to see my glory, my grace, my goodness, and my peace.   There is a glory bomb that is exploding over My islands and it is greater than the atomic bomb release.


You Ride My Heavenly Steed

Sometimes I’ll send you in with a message from above.  And sometimes I will send you in with a letter just filled with My love. And sometimes I’ll send you in with a sign and a wonder to perform, and glory to release and the heavenly rain storm.  I’ll send you in sometimes with a book from above.  I’ll send you in sometimes with just a hug.  I’ll send you in sometimes with power and anointing.  I’ll send you in sometimes with a warning and a caution.  I’ll send you in sometimes; sometimes soon, sometimes later, sometimes often.  I’ll send you in, everywhere you go, I send you my son and this you need to know, that in My sending I’ve provided everything that you need and in My sending you’re equipped and you are supplied from heaven and that you ride My heavenly steed.


You Are a Handsome Lad

In My light you shine, in My light you glow.  Even though I formed you and made you the color of snow.  I’ve formed you son and in that forming I am glad.   I’ve called you My son, you shine with beauty— My beauty, you are a handsome lad.


Kind and Gentle Face

Get full sun My son.  Don’t just stand there, you need sun from the head to the ground.  Let my light shine on you.  My light is where you are found.  You live in My light and My life.  There is no darkness in you.   All of those days of envy and strife are gone from you My son.  You walk in My heavenly grace and My example of grace in you and through you will show forth my kind and gentle face.


The Old Become New

Rest in My light. Rest in My hope.  Rest in My peace.  Rest in My complete provision.  Rest in the supply from the realms of the glory.  You son have everything that I have.  It’s been freely given through My son to you, and I am glad for that transaction.  Because now you have all that you need to do everything that I have called you to and bring many sons into the Kingdom and see the old become new.


In Perfect Peace with My Will

My breeze it blows, sometimes you can hear, sometimes you can feel, sometimes you can smell it too.  It contains My fragrance, the fragrance of My life, and My grace, and My peace and My love is carried on that wind of the Spirit.  Blow, blow wind of the Spirit blow into My son and through My son and through the nations.  Blow, blow harder, blow stronger blow truer, blow in a laminar flow, in a flow straight, in a flow focused, in a flow in perfect peace with My will.


In Yeshua You Reign

The nations rage and they plot vain things my son.  Give it no never-mind, you are in a higher government than any nation and your position is in peace and that peace is sublime.  Just rest in that realm of the glory.  Rest in that realm of My face.  Rest in that authority of My throne and the power of the name above all names—Yeshua.  In Yeshua, you reign.


I’m Loved (a prophetic reply)

I have more than enough from my Father.  He is gracious indeed.  He has provided me love beyond measure and all of the supply that I need.  Every good thing He has stored up for me in heaven above and that conduit to heaven goes through my belly so it’s in me and I am supplied, I’m full, I’m loved.



It’s time to go, a vehicle is coming. I’ll give you the vehicle you desire and as you go there will be a faster speed than running.  You’ll be accelerated beyond what you can think or imagine My son. But in all of that acceleration trust in Me, because I had this all planned out from before what you call eternity.


In Me You Abide

There is one I’ve sent forth.  I’ve given him the amounts.  I’ve given him the amounts to mete out to you, by the word of the Lord it’s true.  Take this as a gift My son.  Take this in stride.  Remember, you are not defined by what you have on the earth because in Me you abide.


Receive Indeed

You have My faith right now my son, just step out, it is yours already.  I’ve prepared a banqueting table for you:  those that are lame, those that are maimed, those that are demonized, those that cannot see or hear, those that cannot speak, those that are afflicted by palsies, those that are dead, those that are filled with cancer, those that have Alzheimer’s and AIDS, those that have rare blood diseases, and every other form of the curse.  They will come to you because they will hear of you.  They will come to you believing that they will receive, and they will receive indeed.


That Nation Won

It’ll cause no small stir My son, don’t be afraid. Just release My glory where you are whether it be inside when your drinking lemonade, in a restaurant, in a store, on the street, in a house, in a conference room, in a stadium, in a training center, even by the mouth of My great river in the Amazon, you’ll see it one day son.  I’m sending you down to Brazil to see that nation won.


Holy Ghost Fire Will Take Flight

You have many of the troop in Manaus.  Trust this word My son.  Cleave to them.  I’ll show them to you.  There will be no doubt.  They will look into your eyes and they will shine and they will connect with the message that I have given you.  And they won’t look back.  They will step in whole hearted and in their stepping in they’ll ignite a conflagration for the ages, the Holy Ghost fire will take flight.


Mighty Roar

I set you by many rivers My son, you’ll notice this real quick.  You’ll be moving by these rivers, some small, some big, some kind of thick.  Some of my small creeks and streams they  will wend by you sublime.  Some of my raging rapids will bubble and froth and the glory and the light that they shine will be fine.  I’ll send you by my big rivers slow and steady they pour.  My great river in the jungle, its mouth is open with a mighty roar.


Only Win

I’ve given you Nevada; it is a wonderful state indeed.  Silver is the material of redemption. And in that redemption they’ll plant many seeds.  I open to you Las Vegas; they say it is the city of sin. But where sin abounds grace does much more abound and in that city you will only win.


I’m Your Dad

Yes My son you have many assignments, many destinations are in store.  You have many places that I’ll send you to and I’ll send you and when you think I’ve sent you there, I’ll send you to many more.  You’ll be sent and sent and sent, that’s the calling that you have.  I send you where I need you, but trust Me I’m your Dad.


My Perspective

On wings like eagles you soar and you glide.  I have given you that eagle vision and that vision will increase and you will see on every side—the front, the back, the side, even up and down, beneath.  You’ll see everything from My perspective and from My perspective you will reign as a king.


Gospel in Demonstration

Yes I am sending you to Alabama, that trip is in store.  Just like you said in the prophetic flow, you will take the Subaru and it will be all aboard –Me and you, you and Me, three in one it’s true.  We will drive across the southern part of this nation and bring the gospel in demonstration, it’s true.


Protected All the Day Long

Upstream and downstream in Me you have no lack. In Me as you go son, I always have your back. I have your front too and your sides and your top and your bottom.  In Me you are strong.  In that glory bubble you abide and you are protected all the day long.


Safe, Healed, and Strong

Yes some you minister to are prickly balls like that cactus joint that you ran into.  Don’t worry my son; you’ve been around that stuff so long.  You know how not to get hooked and how to be safe, healed, and strong.

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