The Sedona Prophecies

July 30, 2019

Here are some prophetic words that bubbled up on a recent trip to Sedona, Arizona.  Enjoy!



My Heavenly Girl

Sedona, Sedona , my land shining in the sun.  Your red rocks glisten, occasionally your waterfalls run.  You are blessed among the places of the earth with great beauty, in your sky and in your dirt.  You’re blessed beyond what you know, because in this season, you shall receive the blessing of a heavenly glow.  You will shine with my glory for all the nations to see.  And in my grace and glory, you will shine beautifully.  You will shine with that feminine name, declaring my glory—my bride to the nations around the world.  You shine with that name, that name of Sedona, my heavenly girl.



The end-time troop is 300 souls added to you my son, and in that realm of the glory you glow. You go where I send you. You do the works that I did.  You do greater works than I do because in me you’re hid. In this union, this end-time troop, the nations are brought to bear; the nations are harvested in every direction—everywhere.  They are sent out in two’s and sent out in three’s, they are sent out in multitudes and they bring the nation they are sent to to their knees.  They bring the realm of the glory, that realm of repentance, that realm of pure grace, that realm of my blessing, that realm of my holy face.  My face shines on you my son, my general indeed; I called you to lead this end-time troop and to ride my fiery steed. 


Flood of My Glory

Oh the drought, the dryness, how long shall we endure, how long shall it last, how long will this dearth of moisture be in store.  I tell you my son the drought is over today.  The heavens will open, and in this day they’ll say “The waters run in the desert they run fast and deep, they run like a flood, they run with swift feet.”  The flood of my glory is upon this place today, because you were obedient to my word and in me you will stay.


Rising in Me

Sedona is a place of fruitfulness for you my son.  This is a place where you will see the west won. The western hemisphere will fall from this place and in that fall the rising will be great.  For their ashes, I will give them beauty, more beauty than anybody has ever seen.  In that rising, that Phoenix is rising—it’s rising (in you and) in Me.


Fire brand

There will be a regroup and a re-positioning on the eastern side, once I send you to Hong Kong to My bride and your bride.  I will send you there very soon my son, just keep this in your heart.  That when I send you somewhere I send you there to start—to start the fire of my glory and the fire of my grace and the fire of my love in every single place.  You are a fire brand for the Kingdom of God and in your fire starting the world will light up, the ring of fire will light up with my grace and my love and my glory says the Lord.

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